The AFDA is committed to facilitating a satisfactory resolution to consumer concerns or dissatisfaction with the services provided by AFDA Member funeral directors, as set out in our Code of Ethics.
Members of the AFDA agree to honour the spirit and provisions of the code and as subscribers to the code to hereby affirm and accept willingly the responsibilities that are implied by membership of the Association. The Code of Ethics sets out the high standard of service that clients may expect in their dealings with a Member of the AFDA including key requirements in respect of the funeral director’s professional conduct.

resolving issues

The AFDA provides a formal complaints policy to resolve any issues that may arise between AFDA Member funeral directors and their clients. We always encourage the complainant to raise the issue with the Member funeral director in the first instance, and ask that they also put their concerns in writing to the funeral director so both parties are clear about the issues involved and the outcome sought.

The complainant must then allow a minimum of 21 days for the concern or dispute to be addressed by the funeral director. In accordance with this policy, if the concern or dispute has not been resolved after this time, the complainant may then lodge a formal complaint for consideration by the AFDA Investigation Committee.

In order for the AFDA to be involved, the complainant will need to return a signed declaration which acknowledges that the following statements are understood, along with any supporting documentation, including a copy of the complainant’s correspondence with the Member funeral director to the AFDA. Once the signed document has been received from the complainant the AFDA will then write to the Member funeral director seeking a written report on the matters raised. The Member funeral director will be provided with a copy of all documentation the complainant has provided to the AFDA in order for them to respond appropriately.

The Member funeral director’s response, along with the complainant’s letter and any other documentation is then forwarded to the AFDA Investigation Committee for their consideration, and both parties are then advised of the outcome. The current AFDA National Executive serve as Members of the AFDA National Investigation Committee.


For more information on the AFDA Complaints Procedure please contact the AFDA National Office on 03 9859 9966.

complaints declaration

You acknowledge and agree that:

  • You have raised your concerns in writing directly with the Member of the AFDA and attempted to resolve the issue directly with the Member funeral director.
  • You have allowed 21 days to elapse since raising your concern in writing and your concerns or dispute were not addressed to your satisfaction by the Member funeral director.
  • The AFDA will not deal with your concerns or dispute if the matter involves legal representation or is before a court or tribunal.
  • You will advise AFDA at the time of bringing this matter to the AFDA’s attention if a court or tribunal has made a decision in respect to your concerns or dispute.
  • The documents you provide to the AFDA about your concerns or dispute are provided on a ‘without prejudice’ basis, which means that the same documents cannot be used in any subsequent court or tribunal by the AFDA or its Member funeral director, except to the extent such privilege is allowed by the courts.
  • All documents you provide to the AFDA, including your correspondence, will be released to the Member funeral director.
  • A copy of the final resolution will be made available to the Member funeral director.
  • The AFDA recognises that subsequent to our involvement you may wish to pursue this matter through other means. The AFDA’s final determination does not preclude your right to do so.