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It is often said that working in the funeral industry is a vocation rather than a job and it is easy to see why. Funeral homes are generally either family businesses or larger organisations with a number of branches. The staff employed need to have a variety of skills and a genuine desire to offer as much help, guidance and assistance as is required by those they are called upon to serve. The funeral industry is by no means an easy career option; however it can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding of the service careers. 

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We recommend that you contact your local funeral home to discuss any employment opportunities and to find out what attributes they would be looking for in a potential employee. The following resources provide more in depth information and guides for school leavers and new entrants to the funeral industry. 

Endorsed Training

Seeking an endorsed provider of funeral service education and training? Check out the following Registered Training Organisations: Funeral Industry Development Australia:  and Endorsed Training:

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