Did you know you can have a custom location for your funeral?

Usually, it’s accepted funerals are held in a church or chapel, but did you know these are not the only locations you can honour a life. It is becoming popular now to hold a funeral service or farewell ceremony in a place that was cherished by the person who died.  It could be their local bowling club, golf club or even the local theatre, if that was their passion.

We are becoming more open to talking about death and dying with our families and in our communities as people take more control over their funeral arrangements.

You would have attended funerals over the years and notice they’ve changed and evolved from the traditional to a modern and personalised style.

Memorial books, DVD presentations, releasing of doves, even having a live band have become popular choices.  As for locations – beaches, surf clubs, golf greens, family farms and local parks have been used – and the list is growing.  Depending on local council regulations, most places are considered acceptable to hold a funeral service or farewell.

Is there a location that comes to mind as you’re reading this?  Why not let your family know – or better still write your wishes down.  Often this can be an icebreaker for the conversation you may want to have with family and friends about your choices. 

“Did you know…” is always a great place to start.

Why not talk with someone close about how your funeral could look – after all, it’s Your Goodbye.