A final resting place, why it matters.

In honouring the lives of our lost loved ones, the cemetery – their final resting place – marks a sacred space in which to connect, chat, laugh and feel.

Choosing this special place is a big decision to make, it can be the last physical reminder of them, their final mark on the world and it’s an important process to go through.

Discussing funeral arrangements with those we love who may be nearing their final days can ease the worry for many families. They may have a place in mind, a family plot they would like to be placed in, or a destination that meant something to them. It’s important for everyone involved to come to an agreement and understanding over different people’s wishes and how they affect others.

For many, being able to visit the grave of someone they love is helpful in dealing with their grief and an essential part of healing.

Cemeteries will always be places that evoke raw emotions, but with planning and understanding these emotions can become positive, happy ones and it gives us a place to visit on those special occasions that matter.