Why Funerals Matter

  • People need time to mourn the loss of family and friends. A funeral ceremony fills this need and provides people with an important place to share in their grief and help the living say goodbye. Grief is hard, sometimes unbearable, but certainly doesn't go away if we try to deny it happens. Funerals offer finality and understanding that loved ones have died and allow us to remember and celebrate a life lived.

Your Goodbye

  • Do those that matter the most to you know about all the little things that make up your life? Have the conversation now because it cannot be had once you’re gone.Your Goodbye is about your farewell to family and friends.

What does a Funeral Director do?

  • The role of a Funeral Director is to provide a very special service and ensure the wishes of the family and the deceased are fulfilled. A Funeral Director advises on and arranges all the details that make up a funeral service. As a guide the Cost of a Funeral is categorised under three main areas: professional service fees which incorporates all the tasks and services involved in arranging, planning and conducting a funeral including legal requirements; disbursements which are the costs a funeral director pays for on your behalf for services offered by a third party such as flowers, catering, newspaper notices, etc; and coffin or casket choice. AFDA Members are required to provide you with an itemised estimate for all funeral costs which will provide transparency in understanding what is included and work with you on your budget, and they welcome the opportunity to answer your questions.
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Formed in 1935, Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) is the only national funeral service organisation with Member firms in every State and Territory. AFDA Member firms are chosen by more than 60% of families to provide funeral arrangements for their loved ones. AFDA is widely recognised as the authoritative voice on all funeral matters and its key objective is to optimise the funeral experience and ensure quality delivery of service to the wider community by enhancing and promoting professional funeral standards.

AFDA Members and the AFDA Trademark represent security, care and professional service. AFDA Members are bound by a strict Code of Professional Conduct designed to meet both community needs and expectations in all aspects of service delivery. The Code is a reassurance to the community of sincere care and professional service, particularly at at time of uncertainty and distress for grieving families and relatives.

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